Short fibres

Convention is often the enemy of circular design thinking. So it was with the creation of Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt. Crafted from end-of-life textiles, these are made using short fibres–traditionally seen as less advantageous than long fibres when it comes to textile-to-textile recycling.

Rethink the possibilities
Inspired by the goal of a no-waste material, we recognised and embraced the advantages of short fibres. This led us to create beautiful, practical, long-lasting materials.

Short fibres blend very well: they lend themselves to dye-free colour creation. And, with our pioneering production process, unlike long fibres, they can be recycled without any dyes, water or toxic chemicals. 

Reimagine the model
By providing innovative materials that challenge conventional wisdom, we wish to challenge fashion brands, architects and designers to do the same. To create furniture and interiors designed for circularity – which point the way to a new, enlightened economic model.
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