Circularity for fashion

We are what we wear. Fashion touches the lives of people all over the world. A source of creativity and self-expression for the global community, it employs hundreds of millions and generates billions.

The stage is set
But fashion needs fixing: every second a garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burnt. And an estimated USD 500 billion in value is lost every year due to clothing that’s barely worn and rarely recycled.

The take-make-dispose ‘fast fashion’ model needs to go out of fashion. A new system, based on circular economy principles, is needed. One that harnesses the raw creative power of the industry to find new ways to scale and re-shape the industry.

Right here, right now
At Really, together with our partners in fashion, we are making this goal reality – showing how to turn circular economy principles into practical solutions now.

We collaborate with forward-thinking fashion brands to collect, re-use and recycle textiles and transform them into industrial-quality decorative materials: Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt.

Our partners use these to create beautiful, long-lasting concepts, displays and furniture. To minimise waste, to challenge the idea of fashion; and to build momentum for change.
Contact us to join in creating a global textile system fit for the 21st century