Circular processing

In conventional recycling processes, materials degrade as they are reused; in the circular economy, the aim is to retain resources by upcycling materials into new valuable products. Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt are the first steps on the circular journey.

Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt are made from end-of-life denim and cotton from industrial laundries and fashion and wool from Kvadrat’s production and supply chain. The core of Solid Textile Board consists of end-of-life white cotton sourced from industrial laundries and the clothing industry.

The end-of-life textiles are milled into small fibres to ensure homogeneity.

The milled fibres are mixed with a special binder to ensure multiple opportunities for reuse. The blend is then formed into mats using air-laid technology, creating Acoustic Textile Felt.

Two sheets of Acoustic Textile Felt are layered around white cotton core mats and compressed, creating Solid Textile Board.

Watch how British designer Max Lamb explore the possibilities of the material while creating 12 unique benches.