Upcycled textiles designed for circularity

Responding to the urgent global issue of waste, we upcycle end-of-life textiles to create materials that challenge the design and architecture industries to rethink their use of resources, and to design with a circular economy in mind

Bringing sustainable fashion forward

At Bestseller they are determined to bring sustainable fashion forward. See how they integrated custom Solid Textile Board made from waste jeans into their concept store in Hamburg

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High-quality engineered materials

Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt are high-quality engineered materials made from end-of-life cotton and wool sourced from fashion and textile industries, industrial laundries, households and cut offs from Kvadrat.
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A single sample by Christien Meindertsma

Christien Meindertsma explores the life of products and raw materials, aiming to regain an understanding of processes that have become alien through industrialisation, and invisible in an increasingly globalised world
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Circular economy and resource management are themes that are increasingly important to ensure sustainable resources and supply.
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Technical specifications

Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt can substitute a vast selection of classic existing materials depending the application.
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