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Kvadrat flagship showroom

Copenhagen, Denmark

Architecture and design
Bouroullec Studio

The Copenhagen flagship showroom marks another chapter in a long collaboration between Kvadrat and Bouroullec Studio. Mirroring the Kvadrat collection, the materials in the showroom project a strong sense of materiality, volume and tactility.

In addition to glass and brick walls, natural oak and concrete floors, Solid Textile Board in Cotton White has been used for the majority of the custom-made furniture in the showroom to stay true to the idea of ‘no colours, just materials’. It covers all cupboards and kitchen fronts, as well as 20 customised Tyde tables by Vitra for the office area.

Erwan Bouroullec: “The concept we developed is focused on materiality, which is at the heart of the Kvadrat brand. We wanted to create scenes for large pieces of textiles and rugs to provide a deep insight into the weave, weight, transparency and quality of each design”.

Photography by Michel Giesbrecht, by courtesy of Studio Bouroullec.

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