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Hyères Pedestals


Architecture and design
Lisa Ertel

German designer Lisa Ertel has been working with Solid Textile Board to develop Hyères Pedestals, an intricate display solution for temporary and travelling exhibitions. Utilising the material’s flexibility and high density, Ertel developed an interlocking technique that allows for the pedestals to be assembled in the blink of an eye, without the use of screws or glue.

The interlocking technique and the thickness of the Solid Textile Boards in combination allows the displayed to be dismantled and shipped xxx xxx xxx.

Originally designed as part of the scenography for the Design Parade Hyères’ 13th international festival, the pedestals displayed the works of the young designers who were selected as finalists for the festival’s grand prix competition.

Inspiration. Challenging designers and architects to rethink their use of resources, Really starts a dialogue about the shift in perception, process and logistics needed as we grapple with upcycling waste.

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