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Bauhaus revisited


Architecture and design
Hansjörg Schneider and Thomas Biswanger

As an understated play of the Bauhaus Masters’ Houses in the German city of Dessau, Hansjörg Schneider and Thomas Biswanger created the installation Bauhaus revisited. Under the theme Uniquie Youniverse, Schneider and Biswanger erase the hierarchy between floor and wall, building on the idea that there is no limitation in finding new ways to live with art and design.

The three artworks that comprise the installation, Nordwesten, Häuser und Bäume and Tal und Ebene, are all made from Solid Textile Board in Wool Slate and Cotton White. Painted, cut and engraved, the Solid Textile Board art works make the wall look light and weightless, whereas the work on the floor becomes a landscape, looking strong and fragile at the same time.

Bauhaus revisited was first shown at Domotex in Hannover, January 2018.

Photography by courtesy of Hansjörg Schneider, Ragnar Schmuck and Deutsche Messe AG, © Becker Lacour

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